Well, if you are here that chances are means that you already know one of us if not both of us. But perhaps you don't know the details, which chances are I already forgotten so Iíll give you the Patti Notes (my name isnít cliff)

How we met

We meet in San Antonio at a climbing gym called Petros Climbing adventure. I had been going there during Christmas break in '01 and Chris started going there in early 2002 while he was working at City Bank. I graduated and then started going in May with my good friend Miguel (Miglee). He was already a gym rat and Miglee and I soon became ones. All that means is that we started going to the gym at the same times and knew each other by face recognition. We helped each other with beta on the climbs. That's it.

We all became real good friends with the owner of the gym, John and Jayme Trombly. Labor day weekend, they asked us to help them with setting up for a completion which just meant long hours and hard labor. There Chris and I actually talked. We found out that we lived blocks away - literally. He could drive to my place and back without his garage light turning off. Out of convinced, because we lived so close, he invited me to a party that he and his roommate were having that friday night.

Detail: Miglee Chris and I went to get miglee a pizza from Little Ceaser which was in the same complex. I remember while we were waiting thinking, "this guy is cool. I could marry him." Then I told myself I was crazy because at the time I only knew him really by recognition and strictly in the gym environment. I think God was giving me a clue but ya'll know me, I'm not very observant.

The day of the party, he called and invited me to the dinner part of the party because someone canceled. I went and meet Marsha and her then boyfriend Jesse. For the first time. Marsha sat next to me. I flirted the whole night...and nothing. I went home early that night (I did strike out) because I was going climbing the next day. Chris spent that night talking to some girl name Leanna.

We spent the weeks months hanging out almost everyday. We went rollerblading, rode to the gym together. He made me his pizza for me (3 times that first week). Talked a lot. Really all out of convenience because we so close to each other.

Miglee went to back to school and I continued to go to the gym. One night, Jayme asked me if I missed my boyfriend and I told her that I didnít have one. She told me that she assumed that Miglee was. She then chuckled. I asked why and she said that several people asked and she told them that Miglee was The entire gym thought I was going out with Miglee. Apparently, Chris was one of them.

One night of talking, while Chris was making dinner, we talked and somehow the topic came up of Miglee and I told him that we were not together. He was shocked at it. Then the flirting began.

Soon afterwards, the night of Sept 29th, Chris made me and another climber fried of ours calzones after a day of bouldering. Fielding left and I stuck around. Then I asked him if I could kiss him and he said that he shouldn't because he didn't know where he and Leanna stood. They had gotten together a couple times. Once for lunch, then he visited me at my work and bought me a cookie and then went back and brought her turnips (every other guys does flowers), made her dinner and watched a movie.

We kissed anyways later that nightÖ.the rest leads us to now - Engaged about to be married.

What we do

For income - ACN, Chris is a wesite database specialist and I practice being a mom by watching kids.

For fun Ė we are really hermits so all we really do is spend time with each other and occasionally some friends. We like the outdoors. I like photography, (hence the gallery) and Chris enjoys being neat (in the OCD sense, you will be surprised how much time it takes.)